Dominik Linz


Dr. Dominik Linz is a clinician-scientist who has recently been recruited as a senior lecturer and clinical EP-fellow to initiate and drive a translational research program focusing on atrial fibrillation and sleep disordered breathing at the Royal Adelaide Hospital and University of Adelaide, Australia. Over the past years Dr Dominik Linz has developed a National and International reputation in the field of cardiac arrhythmia research. The focus of this work has been to understand the pathophysiology and mechanisms underlying atrial arrhythmias and the development of treatment approaches. This research has broadly included (i) Work describing transient apnoea-associated electrophysiological changes in the atria increasing atrial fibrillation susceptibility in sleep apnoea. (ii) Description of antiarrhythmic effects of autonomic modulation by renal sympathetic denervation under different pathophysiological conditions. (iii) Work describing the role of the lysosomal carboxypeptidase cathepsin A in the development of an atrial arrhythmogenic substrate in diabetes. (iv) Description of antihypertensive effects of pharmacological inhibition NHE3-dependent intestinal sodium absorption. Ongoing research is mainly focused on preventive interventions for AF.