Stefano Magni


Dr. Stefano Magni (SM) is the Post-Doctoral researcher within the CriTiCS Doctoral Training Unit, based at LCSB (Jorge Goncalves' and Alexander Skupin's groups). His role is to facilitate the research and integrate the different projects of the DTU. SM has a background in theoretical physics and has previously worked on dynamical systems and dynamical modelling of metabolic and gene regulatory networks. SM performs independent research on nonlinear dynamics of molecular mechanisms underlying transitions between system states during disease pathogenesis with a particular focus on the link between inflammation (Feng He) and Parkinson's Disease (Rudi Balling and Alexander Skupin). SM contributes to the analysis of data from the single-cell facility run by Alexanders Skupin's group. Furthermore, SM is involved in the data analysis of experimental projects as well as in the theory approaches to build a bridge between the individual projects and to generate an overarching framework for critical transitions (Jorge Goncalves and Alexander Skupin). SM also supports the development of the DTU as well as the supervision of PhD students in direct interactions with the involved PIs.